Hudson and Monroe

a little classy...sorta hippy...with a dash of sweet southern charm

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about hudson and monroe

Who is Hudson and Monroe?


The face behind the's me, G!

  • an old soul
  • sipper of champagne
  • coffee, pizza and appetizer addict
  • lover of extra large furry dogs
  • clearance rack creeper
  • the "loud" friend, the one you don't put on speaker phone
  • your everyday weirdo 
  • the most glorious hot mess

My motto for life and fashion:

 "matching is for boring people"


The meaning behind the name:


Picking a good name is HARD STUFF...

I'm sure my friends were thrilled when a decision on the name was finally made!

I decided on my two favs:

Hudson: My favorite dog and love of my life, my beautiful blonde German Shepherd.

Monroe: My favorite blonde bombshell and all time idol.

Our style:


Marilyn Monroe meets Janis Joplin and Dolly Parton for a champagne brunch. 

A little classy...sorta hippy...with a dash sweet southern charm...not something you see everyday!


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